Challenging Communication Norms

With Plum Mail we are try to change how people communicate. Humans are always the complicated part in any project, and changing our behaviour is harder than any technical challenge we have.

In this blog series we want to demonstrate how using Plum Mail makes having better conversations the easiest thing to do.

We know this goal is worthwhile persuing. The more you talk to users, the more you realise the big problems in async communication today are human, not technical.

One of the most common complaints is how others use email to talk at you, not with you.

We have written a four-part blog on how we are nudging users towards adopting these behaviours, parts 1 and 2 are available now:

1. Setting Expectations

A key issue for users is knowing what expectations exist around a new email. Does the sender require a response right away? Is it ok to reply in a few days?

Read 'Setting Expectations'

2. Inbox Delays

Inbox distractions are the natural enemy of deep work.

Read 'Inbox Delays'

3. Conversation Conclusions

Conversation conclusions are a simple way to communicate resolution to all participants.

Read 'Conversation Conclusions'

4. Structured Conversations

Plum Mail's messages are rich and interactive allowing you to have structured conversations within them.

Read 'Structured Conversations'