Kat and her team of tailors make amazing garments near Beaminster in West Dorset. Each piece is unique and they also take orders for bespoke garments made to order. Kat sources beautiful materials from around the country.

It was a challenge coming up with a way to sell these garments online because there is only one of each piece. I had to find a way to allow Kat to upload new products easily and frequently but also make it easy for customers to browse and express an interest in garments that had already sold.

If you visit the website, you can see we categorise garments by 'Mens' and 'Womens' but some of the garments are unisex. It was also a bit of a challenge organising content in this slight counter-intuitive way but if you take a look I think it works quite well. The collection pages are built on the fly loading garments from the database so that Kat can add and remove garments very frequently as they are made and sold.

I am really happy with this project. Kat is super to work with and garment sales through the website are very strong. We are using social media display advertising targetted very specifically at a relevant audience to drive traffic and make sales.

This project was commissioned via Bridport Websites.

Visit the website.